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Record interest in investing and personal finance in Europe

Record interest in investing and personal finance in Europe

During the last decade, a lot of people in Europe have become interested in investing, and in making their own finances work well for them. They are realizing that It is not enough to put the money in the bank to make it grow.


In this article, we will use Norway as an example to explain why there is now a record interest in investing and personal finance in Europe. 


Financial security

The key to creating wealth and financial security is to develop good habits – such as regularly setting aside money that can be invested each month. Even if you only have a few kroner left after dealing with the other necessary expenses, your money can quickly grow when it is invested. 


By investing our money, we can convert active income that must be worked for, into passive income that “grows by itself.”


As investors, we use our money to acquire resources with the potential for profitable returns. It can be anything from buying shares or mutual funds to investing in crowdlending or renovating a home. In fact, many people are now using to take up loans to renovate their homes, in order to invest in the value of their house or apartment. 


If you manage to save and invest a lot, your invested savings may one day grow at a rate that exceeds your own expenses. It will be able to free you from your active work and make you financially independent.



Most people have realized that it is smart to save money, but putting our money in the bank gives a very low return. 


Taking inflation into account, we actually lose money by having it in a savings account. Norway’s national bank has an annual inflation target of 2.0%. This means that even with an interest rate of 2.0%, your savings will not be able to keep up with the costs elsewhere in society.


The money will be less worthwhile by standing in the bank. Therefore, the best way to grow our money is by investing it. 


Low starting threshold

As a beginner, it is good to know that you do not need a lot of money to get started with investing. You can actually start with as little as 50 kroner, although it will be better with a few thousand.


For most people, it would be wise to invest little by little over time instead of going “all in” with a big pot in the beginning. 


You also do not need to be an expert in the stock market to start investing. There are several passive options that allow you to press “buy”, sit back, and not have to think much more about it other than checking the return sometimes. This is the case with mutual funds, savings robots, and crowdlending, and Norwegians are loving the simplicity of it. 


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