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Corporate Spreads

BondsOnline offers Corporate Debt spread data for Industrials, Utilities, Transportation, Banks, and Finance (non-bank). This valuable information is available daily, or historically back to January 1999 for each of the sectors, and is available for purchase in one of two ways:

> Purchase a single report for $29 per sector, per day, or
> Subscribe and get all of the sectors on a daily basis.
> Call us to order or for more information
Methodology Reuters Pricing Service (RPS) has eight experienced evaluators responsible for pricing approximately 20,000 investment grade corporate bonds. Corporate bonds are segregated into four industry sectors; industrial, financial, transports and utilities. RPS prices corporate bonds at a spread above an underlying treasury issue. The evaluators obtain the spreads from brokers and traders at various firms. A generic spread for each sector is created using input from street contacts and the evaluator’s expertise. A matrix is then developed based on sector,rating, and maturity.